Miss Gauteng plus size model from diepsloot makes it to the top finalists.


Rofhiwa Tshigomana is a Miss Gauteng plus size model finalist coming from diepsloot extension 7.A 31 years old model Rofhiwa was born at Venda and she is a wife and a mother of 2. When growing up Rofhiwa was one of those ladies who was bullied because of her body size and never thought she can ever break into the modeling industry.

This model explained how hard it was for her to grow in a society where everyone thinks ladies with big body are ugly “. Speaking to Rofhiwa, she said “when I first told my family that I wanted to join the plus size pageant show they all said I just want to humiliate the family because I am too big for such, but when I was alone I thought on how I was mocked at school about my body size and there are still young ladies out there who are going through the same rough patch of losing their self confidence because of their body size”. Joining this show was not about drawing attention to me but to motivate those young ladies of my size out there, which do not feel appreciated and have lost their worth in those big bodies. I was thrilled when I received a message that I made it to the top contestants and from that day I never looked back as I knew this was my way of speaking up about body shaming, she said

Rofhiwa Tshigomana one of the finalist in the Miss Gauteng plus size model

Rofhiwa who is a nurse by profession said she became a model out of delusion, it wasn’t something she always wanted because of her body type and that she never saw much plus size models in this industry, “I was introduced to modeling by a friend earlier this year as I wanted to be an example even though I never thought I would have an opportunity do so. 98% of women are not happy with their body and I feel like there need to be more diversity so that we have people to look up to and don’t feel the dountary task of being perfect. Being a model doesn’t require a small sexy body but passion and confidence, she said.


Miss Tshigomana went on to say that she want to be a plus size top contestant in the country so that it build back that confidence young girls have lost in themselves, ” I am still  sitting on number 1 since the voting lines opened on the 1st of August and I wish I can be a winner; during my term I was willing to start a community give back organization to help young women of diepsloot to regain their confidence as I will be doing motivational talks at school and hand out sanitary pads every month as I know the feeling of being uncomfortable during our happy days”.

To vote for Rofhiwa Tshigomana people can visit www.missgautengplussize.co.za or Google Miss Gauteng Plus Size 2019 and follow the link.

Or simply visit her Facebook page:Rofhiwa Tshigomana (Ms Fiflo)

Voting lines are still open till the 29th November 2019 23:00pm

Winny Shokane