Midrand locals work together to help encourage good hygiene

Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe hands out sanitiser to members of the Midrand Fire Station. Photos: Supplied

KYALAMI – Hygiene company Radical water did their part in fight against Coronavirus and donated their sanitizer to ward 132.

Kyalami-based hygiene company Radical Waters made a special donation of hand sanitiser to public servants, taxis drivers and elderly of ward 132.

Vice-president of operations at Radical Water, Nikki Wilson, said the company wanted to make the donation following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s call for companies to assist as much as possible as government attempts to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The hygiene company focuses on the development of the electrochemical activation (ECA) of water. The activation process involves water, salt and electricity to produce a strong and natural disinfectant.

Midrand police officer Captain Thapelo Molepo, Sector 2 manager Benji Nkatingi and Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe.

Wilson said the product consisted of anolyte which is a solution with a high oxidation. She added that viruses’ micro-organisms are negatively charged while anolyte is positively charged, and when the anolyte comes into contact with the micro-organisms, they pull apart completely and disintegrate.

She said, “It was definitely our civic duty in this difficult time to help South Africans.”

The company handed over 200 5-litre and 80 25-litre bottles of sanitiser to Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe to distribute across the ward, focusing on public servants.

Vice-president of operations at Radical Water Nikki Wilson.

Wilson added that the focus on this group was because of their vulnerability to coronavirus as South Africa begins to attempt to curb the outbreak.

Deppe said, “I think it’s absolutely wonderful that a company can come forward and do a donation like this in my ward. They are definitely playing their part with their generosity.”

Details: www.radicalwaters.com

By: Andrei van Wyk

Source: Midrand Reporter(https://midrandreporter.co.za/249644/midrand-locals-work-together-to-help-encourage-good-hygiene/)