Mbalula lays charge against Somizi

    Transport Minister Mbalula at Sandton Police Station Friday laid a charge against the contravention of lockdown Regulations.

    JOHANNESBURG – Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula has opened a case against media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

    Mbalula charged Mhlongo at the Sandton Police Station for the alleged contravention of the lockdown regulation on fake news and misinformation.

    The pair faced social media backlash on Thursday night after Mhlongo revealed that the lockdown would be extended hours before the president’s official announcement.

    Mhlongo was heard in an Instagram Live clip broadcast by his colleague Dineo Ranaka, saying Mbalula had informed him of the extension before the announcement was made.

    He later went on to social media to say he was joking and apologised.

    Mbalula has denied ever speaking to Somizi about the extension.

    “The person who released the video, for whatever reasons, quiet clearly was being disruptive and that is why we forewarn people that do not play with the regulations and disinformation, information peddling and fake news”, said Mbalula while addressing the media on Friday.

    Source:eNCA News