Mayor Herman Mashaba announced his resignation from the Democratic Alliance (DA)


    Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba announced his resignation from the Democratic Alliance (DA) and as the city’s first citizen on Monday.

    His decision follows the election of former Western Cape Premier Helen Zille as the new chair of the DA’s federal council on Sunday. Two weeks prior to the announcement of the new federal council chair, Mashaba warned he would leave the party if “right-wing elements” started influencing the party.

    In a scathing resignation address, Mashaba lashed out at the DA saying he received very little support in his time as mayor, and that it was the toughest job he had ever undertaken.

    Mashaba said the party he signed up for is not the DA that emerged this past weekend.

    “The election of Helen Zille as chairman of the federal council has been a victory for people in the DA who have been diametrically opposed to my belief systems and – I believe – most of South Africans of all backgrounds.

    Updated; 21 – 10 – 2019 | 11h00 | Township News, Adolph Mokonyama

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    “I cannot reconcile myself with a group of people who think race is irrelevant when dealing with the social-economic conditions of people.

    “The events of this past weekend left me at crossroads, I am now in a position to choose between my party and my country. As a patriot, I will always choose my country first.”

    Mashaba concluded his speech by boasting about some of his achievements as mayor, including the in-sourcing of workers in the city.

    “Our multi-party partnership has achieved a lot”.

    Mashaba’s resignation will be effective on November 27