Man apologises for the gruesome murder of his 79-year-old employer


    Murderer ‘flushes’ victim’s eyes in the toilet.

    Alexandra Magistrates’ Court remanded in custody a man who allegedly killed, removed and flushed the eyes of his female employer in a toilet.

    The 38-year-old man who was the domestic worker apologized to the victim’s relatives and the nation for the gruesome act when he was arrested by investigators. He will remain in custody until 5 December, pending an autopsy report and determination of the court which will hear the case further.

    He admitted to killing the 79-year-old victim at her Bryanston home in the morning on 26 August and was arrested in the afternoon of the same day in Dainfern as he was walking to Diepsloot. He allegedly stabbed her several times with a knife in the stomach, hit her on the head with a steel road, dragged her lifeless bleeding body into a bathroom and claimed to have gouged her eyes and flushed them in a toilet seemingly while in a state of confusion. He then bathed in the house before he left for Diepsloot.

    The accused blamed the incident on the victim alleging that she provoked, demeaned, underpaid and gave him expired food. He claimed the tense relationship between the two came to a head on the day when as they cleaned the house. She allegedly degraded his African race, called him a money monger who couldn’t complete assigned tasks and was no better than a dog. Also, that she paid him R2 500 instead of the agreed R3 000 monthly salary saying that he was still on probation several months after he was engaged.

    He alleged that he snapped and killed her after she pushed him on the forehead with a finger when he complained about her conduct. He then tried but failed to open a safe expecting to take some money and instead, took some of her personal belongings and his own and bathed before leaving the place.

    The death was discovered by friends who came to her place after she had failed to arrive for a pre-arranged lunch and security guards then called the house.

    A tenant who shared a cottage on the premises with the accused told investigators that he had assisted the deceased and the accused to clean her garage before he went to church in Midrand at 8.30am. On his return, he found the police and friends at the home. He helped the police to track him after being informed that he was on his way to Diepsloot.