Mamelodi residents fear ‘John Wick’ is determined to assassinate ‘Boko Haram’ gang members


Pretoria – The recent spate of murders in Mamelodi, including a man shot multiple times in public, has sparked rumors that there is a killer, nicknamed John Wick, determined to assassinate members of the Boko Haram gang.

The man’s cold-blooded murder was captured in video.

In the video, the killer’s face is hidden, but his hand can be seen pulling the trigger and shooting the man, even though he is apparently dead.

The man presumed dead – linked to Boko Haram – received several bullets in the head during the day in the sight of passers-by. Locals have likened the unknown killer to a thriller character known as John Wick, who ruthlessly murdered his opponents.

Last week, some residents called a national radio station to express their fears and frustration that there was a mad killer on the loose.

Others, however, celebrated the news that the alleged perpetrator was “cleaning up” the commune after police “failed” to end Boko Haram’s reign of terror.

The Pretoria News learned that the alleged killer was the face of another gang, called Bafarasai, who wanted to take control of Boko Haram commune.

The killer in question has a Facebook account called John Wick Mamelodi.

In one of the last articles he wrote: “I’ll be scouting the village tonight. Be careful, I want to end Boko Haram. I’m not going to kill Nkuzi now. Maybe later. ”We don’t know who he called Nkuzi.

Another post said, “I’m going to take them one (by) one anyway.” They hit the wrong territory.

Speaking to the Pretoria News, police spokeswoman Brigadier Brenda Muridili quashed rumors spread by locals that a John Wick was roaming the sprawling township.

When asked if the stories were fake news, Muridili replied, “I wouldn’t say that because they (the residents) know what they know, but the survey does not corroborate what they do. know.

She said she came across a story that 11 bodies were found in the township, but the police “did not pick up 11 bodies in Mamelodi”.

Muridili, however, said police were aware of recent killings which were “allegedly committed by a so-called Boko Haram splinter group, calling themselves Bafarasai.”

“There is a team including, among others, units specializing in SAPS, organized crime and criminal intelligence that has been relaunched to investigate these murders,” she said.

No one had been arrested yet, she said, and called on the Mamelodi community to report any information related to the killings to a Crime Stop number 08600 10111.

“The information can be provided anonymously and will be treated with confidentiality,” said Muridili.

Last month, the Pretoria News reported that some residents believed the Boko Haram regime was falling apart, especially after reports that its gang members were in hiding because they feared being killed.

This was after at least three people associated with the gang were killed.

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Mamelodi residents fear ‘John Wick’ is determined to assassinate ‘Boko Haram’ gang members

SourceMamelodi residents fear ‘John Wick’ is determined to assassinate ‘Boko Haram’ gang members


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