Make sure you keep safe when running.

    Spokesperson for the Midrand Police Station, Granville Meyer. Photo: File

    JOBURG– Spokesperson for the Sandton Police Station Captain Granville Meyer advises all runners to run carrying a form of identification with details concerning an emergency contact.

    Spoksperson for the Sandton Police Station Captain Granville Meyer offered a number of tips for runners in an effort to prevent robberies.

    Meyer advised runners to not run alone. “There’s safety in numbers… Find a partner or a group to run with,” said Meyer.

    He also advised runners to run in daylight hours where possible.

    If running at night, athletes should wear light-reflective or brightly coloured clothing.

    “Alter or vary your running route pattern. Don’t be predictable… Be thoroughly familiar with your route. Know the locations of heavily populated areas etc… Trust your instincts and vary your route if you sense you are in danger.”

    Meyer said runners should let a friend or family member know where they were going, telling them their intended route.

    “Carry a cell phone, whistle or personal alarm to summon emergency assistance. Tune into your surroundings, not out. Avoid wearing headphones or earbuds.”

    He advised runners to avoid running in deserted, poorly lit areas or areas with overgrown foliage or shrubbery. Meyer said joggers should run against the traffic so that they were able to observe approaching vehicles.

    “Don’t respond to verbal harassment. Don’t wear jewellery including chains, rings, expensive watches etc.”

    Lastly, he advised runners to always carry a form of identification (including medical bracelets if applicable) that included a point of contact in case of emergency.

    Details: Sandton Police Station 011 722 4200.

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