Major burst repair in Fourways will leave some areas without water


Johannesburg Water has advised residents in Fourways and surrounding areas of a major burst at a river behind Talavera Complex in Fourways which occurred late on Friday, 19 July. 

Joburg Water said in a statement that repairs have started on Monday, 22 July, and that their team had started isolating and closing water early on 21 July, “To ensure the pipe is water-free and ready for Monday morning wielding, some areas will experience low pressure to no water from the commencement of the isolation.”

Areas to be affected by the planned outage are Broadacres, Maroeladal, Chartwell, Farmall, Bloubosrand, North Riding and surrounding areas. They have estimated the repairs to take a minimum of two days.

Water tanks will be made available at:

  • Royal Canin in Kya Sand
  • Cedar Lakes at the BP Garage, Broadacres Shopping Centre
  • Cedar Creek, Thorntree Complex in Cedar Avenue West at Spar Shopping Centre
  • Broadacres on the corner of Runnymead and 3rd Street
  • Farmall, on the corner of Watercombe Road and Zandspruit Road at Refill, Royal Canin.