Local businesses suffer loss because of a misplaced and uncollected metal bin in 4th Avenue


Local business suffers loss due to uncollected garbage bins.

The local business community in 4th Avenue and Roosevelt Street claimed their businesses have lost customers because of an uncollected overflowing skip outside KwaMadala Hostel just opposite their premises.

The business people said the skip was placed by a waste management truck a few weeks ago opposite Ngubo’s Butchery in 4th Avenue corner Roosevelt Street.

According to a local businessman and community member Maimane Phiri, the skip was placed there by one of the waste management companies that collect the skips in the area and it has not been picked up for weeks.

“I think the bin was meant for hostel residents and it was supposed to be in the hostel’s yard not here in front of our business doorsteps,” said Phiri. I don’t know why it was placed here. This bin has been here for weeks and has not been collected or changed. People come as far as Second Avenue to dump garbage here, even dead goats. It produces a terrible and unpleasant smell which saw us losing our customers.”

Phiri said the matter was reported to the local councillor Sannie Mavhona who promised to report the matter to Pikitup.

Mavhona said the matter had been reported to Pikitup and she will be meeting with KwaMadala Hostel leaders and Phiri to discuss the repositioning of the skip.

Anele Mabopa, manager at Pikitup Marlboro depot said the matter had been reported to them and they were in a consultation process with hostel residents about where the skip could be placed.