Laugh and help other children learn


    The Adopt-A-School Foundation is hosting a comedy night at Montecasino in support of education. Here’s what it is about and how you can get involved.

    More than one-third of the South African population comprises children, and millions of them do not have access to the basic right of quality education.

    The Love-a-School campaign is one of the fundraising events by the Sandton-based Adopt-a-School Foundation, which was created to be a positive force in changing the future of education in South Africa.

    On 13 February, the foundation will host the Love-a-School comedy night at Parker’s Comedy and Jive, Montecasino from 6 pm.

    The line-up includes South Africa’s top comedians Mojek Lehoko, Angel Campey, Stig and Chris Mapane. Keep an eye on the foundation’s social media pages for competitions and more information about this initiative.

    The aim of this fundraising campaign is to create awareness around the work of the foundation and to cultivate a love of education and giving back to the communities it operates in across South Africa.

    From humble beginnings, the Adopt-a-School Foundation has grown exponentially and has ‘adopted’ 498 schools spanning the entire country, making a sustainable difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of learners, their families and their communities.

    Through a holistic, inclusive model called Whole School Development, the foundation addresses the academic, infrastructural, social welfare and leadership environments in adopted schools, to ensure that the schools are conducive to teaching and learning.

    Through this holistic approach, the foundation has been able to address most obstacles that stand in the way of providing quality education.

    Schools supported by the foundation are the least resourced and most marginalised schools in the country, but as long as there are a passion and a commitment to education, together with partners, the foundation is able to bridge many of these gaps.

    The funds raised will ensure that the foundation continues its great work, be part of this campaign and support education.

    Raffles and prizes will be up for grabs on the night, purchase your ticket now by visiting

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