Know when to give the police a ring


    JOBURG – Know what to do before calling the police by following these tips.

    With the festivities approaching, the Gauteng 10111 Command Centre has provided the following tips to help you and those around stay safe.

    The centre is the South African Police Service’s front line, committed to every citizen’s safety and receives a high volume of calls. For them to be able to attend to every call this festive season, it is important that you know what to do when police assistance is needed.

    The following tips will help save time and lives:

    • Use but do not abuse 10111, it is an emergency line.
    •  Call when you are in danger; witness a crime, when your life or that of someone else is in danger or when you see something suspicious or someone possibly committing a crime or an offence.
    • Try to be calm, speak clearly and slowly for the telephone operator to assist you faster.
    • Give the call operator your contact number, the full address where the incident is happening or happened and the type of incident. If possible, provide the description of the nearest landmarks such as post office, shops or clinic.
    • Parents or guardians are requested to do their parental guidance and call police emergency line if it’s really a police matter.
    • Get a reference number to know that your complaint is registered.  For any follow up to the complaint, you don’t need to register a new complaint but give the reference number so you can be assisted immediately.
    • Everyone is encouraged to know his/her sector and the cell number which is written on the side of a sector vehicle that is patrolling in his/her area – this number will help to get police assistance immediately if you are not able to get through to 10111.

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