Joburg:Herman Mashaba to launch WhatsApp based hotline for reckless driving


    Reckless driving has been an issue in the City of Johannesburg with some motorists putting the lives of innocent people in danger by disobeying the rules of the roads.

    The Executive Mayor of Johannesburg Herman Mashaba, together with MMC for Public Safety Michael Sun, will launch a reckless driving hotline on 27 March.

    The hotline will allow residents to report reckless and inconsiderate road behaviour. They will be able to upload footage onto the WhatsApp-based hotline and the Johannesburg Metro Police Department will then follow up and take the necessary actions.

    ”The aim of this project aims is to improve driver behaviour and to ensure that road safety is enhanced for all, especially since reckless driving and driving under the influence has been at the top of the monthly transgressions” said mayor’s office.

    South African motorists have complained to law enforcement agencies about the reckless driving by many motorists, particularly taxi drives, who disregard the rules of the roads. Some motorists took to social media to post pictures and videos of these motorists who break the law.