Joburg Water to spend millions due to load-shedding

    Residents, especially in high lying areas, are urged to store water prior to load shedding.
    Joburg Water is likely to spend millions on a contract to secure generators for towers and reservoirs that supply high lying areas to ensure that residents receive water during load shedding.
    during load shedding, areas such as Brixton were without water on 13 February. The spokesperson for Joburg Water, Isaac Dhludhlu said they needed to pump water from reservoirs to water towers and this was mostly in high lying areas.
    “Joburg Water is in the process of issuing a tender for the supply of generators which would likely cost millions to ensure that water keeps running even when there’s no electricity,” he said.
    “We advise residents especially, those that live in high lying areas to store enough water prior to load shedding. It is, however, not all towers that will require generators. Areas that receive water directly from the reservoirs will not be impacted by load shedding.”
    MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Nico de Jager said Joburg Water was working together with City Power to ensure that residents did not have to face water cuts.
    “I have met with management of both Johannesburg Water and City Power to negotiate ways that will assist to minimise the impact on water towers when load shedding is implemented,” he said.
    “Johannesburg Water will communicate with City Power when water levels are running low at certain towers. City Power will then ensure that the power supply is restored to that specific area.”
    De Jager added that
    Johannesburg Water was committed to providing sustainable water and sanitation supply to all residents of the city. “Level 1 water restrictions are still in place and will be enforced by fines to consumers who contravened the Water Services By-laws.”
    Consumers are urged to report non-compliance to the Metro police 24/7 hotline on 011 758 9650.