Joburg MCC for transport expresses disapproval over HOD’s alleged misconduct


    The HOD is accused of soliciting a bribe and also disclosing confidential procurement processes to a potential JRA service provider while serving as a member of the Bid Adjudication Committee.

    The accused official’s name has been withheld for legal reasons. The JRA’s Head of Corporate Services, Siyabonga Nodu says while the MMC acknowledges that the official remains innocent until proven guilty, the allegations are concerning.

    “The MMC also emphasised the fact that the city’s departments and entities under her, will not tolerate any action taken by any official who is entrusted with important responsibility that also carries significant authority to give disservice against our residents and fail to perform the duties assigned in line with the bylaws and policies of the city. And instead demonstrate gross dereliction of duty,” says Nodu.