Joburg Market’s new and improved infrastructure and security


    JOHANNESBURG – The Joburg Fresh Produce Market reopens after getting a major facelift worth R2.9 million.

    The newly reconstructed  Joburg Market’s exit gate will start operating today (12 November) after it was closed for five months for the facelift.

    The R2.9 million project entailed constructing a modern revolving gate with spikes, boom gate and secure fencing.

    During the official opening event, Joburg Market CEO Ayanda Kanana said the market has a vital role to play in achieving the economic objectives set by the City.

    “These recapitalisation projects will assist the Joburg Market to not only realise its vision of becoming a clean, safe and smart market but will assist in repositioning the market as a fresh produce industry market leader,” he said. 

    Kanana added that the Joburg Market will soon install 12 CCTV cameras that will be monitored 24 hours by armed guards, free Wi-Fi for traders and customers, more lights and an opportunity centre to help informal traders to scale up their production.

    Joburg Market officially reopens after five months of upgrades. Photo: Supplied

    Councillor Andrew Stewards, who delivered a keynote address on behalf of the MMC for Economic Development, councillor Leah Knott, commended the market’s management for completing the project on time.

    “The market will be injected with R300 million over the next three years. This investment will make the Joburg Market to be a premier market in Africa,” Stewards added.

    The Joburg Market, which services about 5 000 farmers from across the country and averages about 10 000 daily trades, conducted an overall infrastructure assessment of its buildings three years ago as part of its Infrastructure Upgrade Programme.