Joburg City launches Tourism Ambassador Programme

    Johannesburg City launched Tourism Ambassadors program which aims to make Joburg a safer destination for both domestic and international travelers. Photo: CityofJoburgZA

    BRAAMFONTEIN – Johannesburg City launched the Tourism Ambassadors Programme which aims to make Joburg a safer destination for both domestic and international travellers.

    The City of Johannesburg’s Department of Economic Development launched a Tourism Ambassador Programme at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein today 28 May 2019.

    The City said the key focus of this three-year programme is to deploy ambassadors to tourism sites and dispel the notion that Joburg is unsafe and to create much-needed employment among the youth.

    A total of 60 young, passionate and visibly excited Joburg Tourism Ambassadors from the City’s seven regions, some of whom boast university degrees, were inducted in the presence of the MMC for Economic Development Leah Knott, the MMC for Social Development and Health Mpho Phalatse and City Manager Dr Ndivho Lukhwareni.

    “Tourism remains an economic growth imperative on the City’s agenda. In line with the prioritisation of achieving increased visitor arrivals in the city and contributing towards the economic growth target of 5 per cent by 2021, Joburg Tourism seeks ways to facilitate the tourism experience at sites and attractions in the City, rendering them safe, pleasant, informative and memorable,” said Knott.

    The programme is run in partnership with the City’s Public Safety Department and the national government’s Extended Public Works Programme. The ambassadors will go through training on by-laws, traffic safety, basic first aid and hospitality courses.

    The strategic advisor in the Public Safety Department, Taariq Kagee, said the City was working hard to change the perception that Joburg was unsafe.

    “This is a proactive initiative, which is set to reduce the number of security incidents affecting tourists and residents. Secondly, the ambassadors will assist in providing tourism information to tourists and visitors,” said Kagee.