JMPD’s reckless driving whatsapp hotline yields positive results


    Joburg residents responded positively to WhatsApp based hotline, just a day after it was launched.

    The MMC for Public Safety Michael Sun said the hotline is yielding a positive result.”Just few hours after we have launched the hotline,we had received 74 complaints,”said Sun.

    “We are dealing with all the complaints that we received and each of these complaints will be dealt with accordingly. I am sure that number would have increased this morning so I am checking on a daily basis to see the progress of this hotline.”

    Residents can report reckless and inconsiderate road behaviour and even upload footage onto the WhatsApp-based hotline.

    The MMC said, “What we are doing is that once we receive a complaint, the hotline operator will need to acknowledge the receipt and then followed by a reference number sent to the complainant. Then we would keep the complainant updated regarding the progress of the prosecution.

    Details: Reckless Driving WhatsApp Hotline 081 410 6338; JMPD (for voice complaints) 011 375 5911.