Was a very special day and an unforgettable experience hosted by NSH Youth Development NPO 221-764. Communities were very excited and celebrating diverse cultures as one nation, where everyone tasted uMqombothi “African Beer”, served Cultural Meal, experienced Cultural Entertainment at Halfway Toyota Honeydew on the 8th May 2021. On this day crowd voted live for Winners where Halfway Toyota Honeydew Michelle De Winaar Awarded The Best Cultural Entertainer – King Sokhela, The Best Crowd Puller Tibz Dancers, The Best Cultural Dresser – Nomzi Hashe, Boston City Campus Mrs Francinah Chauke Awarded The Best Age Appearance – Nozzy Nguse, NSH Awarded The Top Crowd Puller – Tito Khoza Jackson, Best Cultural Poet of the year 2021 – Xtremepoet Xolani Ntuli and our sponsors involved. This event was for all ages including above 35 years old participants.

The aim was to enhance our national pride, to bring communities together, and to bring children back to their roots. This event helps children to know who they really are. A child who knows his/her roots have human values, and that leads to a healthy community, Nosipho Hashe said. The event Goal was to be empowered with Event Tools. We really appreciate Halfway Toyota Honeydew Top Sponsors who made our dream a reality by empowering NSH with Event Tools and an annual venue we did not have, that will give our organization an opportunity to grow and to do more and more and more for the most vulnerable, abused and orphaned children in Jhb North. Thank you Halfway for hiring our youth. We are thanking Boston City Campus Randburg for Uniforms to our 50 x Orphans, for Bursaries to upgrade our skills, and for adding value to our lives. Halfway Toyota Honeydew & Boston City Campus inspired NSH to start Arts Classes through Game Twisters Arts Studio in Cosmo City Junction from the 1st August 2021. This program empowered 50 x Orphans with skills and created jobs for 25 x Unemployed Talented youth, Soup Kitchen to feed the poor for the first time in Cosmo City. You also inspired NSH to such extent as developing graphic designing skills that I was not aware I have. Thank you for taking the lead when you see the need. Thanks for hearing our cry and for being the light in the darkest sight. Thanks again for being our Game Twisters, Hashe said.

We would like to thank all our Proud Sponsors who value diverse cultures and made our event a success : Halfway Toyota Honeydew, Township News, Boston City Campus, B2P Funeral Services, Harties Boat Company, HeitaFM, Inuka, La Dolce Vita Guest House, DM Creationz, Build It Honeydew Cosmo City, D-Sqope, Roots Group, Game Twisters Arts Studio, NSH Youth Development NPO 221-764. Thank you for sharing your dreams with our communities. We are inviting all corporates to empower NSH with Video Camera or Cell-phone x 1, Chairs x 200, Computer x 1, Car x 1, Stage & Lighting x 1, Over-locking Sewing Machine x 1, Industrial Sewing Machine x 1, Stipend x 3.

We are thanking all our Great Leaders, Entertainers and Supporters: Mr Dirk Van Rooyen, Mr Sizwe Mahlangu, Michelle De Minaar, Francinah Chauke, Mr Cosmo City 2019 – Slesh Marc/Hassan Mtawa, Thabo Monene, SibK, Tito Khoza Jackson, Xtremepoet, Team Hosi, MB Zulu, Tibz Dancers, Mahlogonolo Takalo, Tebza The Fab, King Sokhela, Flavaboys, Lastborn ft Surprise, Ntimbwe Mpamba, IceKing Billy, AJMuzik ft Treeple S, Preddy, Ras Mishy Venda, Berrymo – Berry Dikotla, The Boss, Dumani Moyo, Alex Jabba, Sanca Central, Angela, Tenda, Mathabo Mosenki, Nina-Gee, Maria Mathaba, Thabo Letsoalo, Thandanani Home, Franco Anzilotti, William Mulaule, Talifhani Tshitwamulomoni, Buti Green, Ushers, Participants and Attendees.  8th NSH Awards 2021 is happening soon at Halfway Toyota Honeydew to appreciate all above special guests.

Harties Boat Cruise Party 2021 is coming up sponsored by Harties Boat Company & La Dolce Vita Guest House (date to be confirmed soon). JHB North Pageants & Talent Expo 2021 is happening on the 24th Sept 2021 at Halfway Toyota Honeydew proudly sponsored by Boston City Campus, Halfway Toyota Honeydew, Harties Boat Company, La Dolce Vita Guest House, Township News, Browflick Beauty, Game Twisters Arts Studio, NSH Youth Development. We need 15 x Prizes for 15 x Winners, Radio Adverts, TV Coverage. Halfway Toyota Honeydew Annual Soccer Cup, 4th July 2021 at Cosmo City sports ground sponsored by Halfway Toyota Honeydew, AIDS/HIV Awareness, Skip A Meal for Orphans Day, Kick The Habit 1st December 2021 at Halfway Toyota Honeydew as a way of ploughing back to the communities. We need 30 x Toiletries, 30 x Food Hampers, 30 x School Bags, Stationery for 30 x Orphaned children. Join charity that cares about the most isolated and vulnerable communities at 084 956 6427 | jhbnorthpageants@gmail.com