Illegal dumping fees to increase


Those who continue to dump things illegally will soon find themselves paying hefty fines for their actions.

This follows after the Department of Public Safety tabled a report to the council to increase impoundment fees from R 2 970 to R 10 000 for first time illegal dumping offenders.

The report was approved in council and will be published for public comments. The department tabled the report to amend the tariff of charges.

The proposed amendment will see the impoundment fee rise from R 2 970 to R 10 000 for a first time offender, R 15 000 for a second offender and a hefty R 20 000 for a third-time offender. The department also proposes that after the third offence, the vehicle used in any illegal dumping be forfeited to the state.

The City of Johannesburg has complained in the past about the proliferation of illegal dumping. MMC for Public Safety Michael Sun said many illegal dumpers operate lucrative businesses by collecting refuse, rubble and even toxic waste to dump in parks, roadside, open spaces and rivers.

“Whilst Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department’s efforts such as the Anti-illegal Dumping Hotline and the Anti-illegal Dumping Undercover Unit are yielding positive results, there are still daily occurrences of illegal dumping across the City,” said Sun.

The MMC said eight trucks were impounded for offences relating to illegal dumping in January.

“We are receiving daily reports of illegal dumping ranging from residents dumping trash outside their premises to shop owners disposing commercial refuse on non-collection days and industrial refuse being dumped openly.

“We need to hit the lawbreakers where it hurts most. Currently, the impound fee is R 2 970 which does not serve as a serious deterrent for operators who charge up to R 2 000 per load.”

The MMC has called upon community members to work with law enforcement agencies to curb illegal dumping in the City by reporting these unlawful activities to 082 719 1361.