Nomsa Mtsweni is a successful Avon Justine Business Leader with over seven years’ experience in the beauty industry. Her Avon Justine career began when she realised that relying on her traditional “9-5” job to make ends meet was not enough,which led her to explore other options to generate additional income on the side.

This, of course, came with its own sacrifices such as balancing a full-time job and working after hours. However,considering how much the extra cash injection and financial freedom has given her;Nomsa believes that the sacrifices were all worth it.

Despite her years of experience within the field, Nomsa admits to facing some challenges. “From time to time, customers will request their orders immediately which is not aligned to the company rules and regulations. When I am faced with customers like this, I always maintain a professional approach and try to handle the situation with a positive attitude.”

When asked about the level of compensation she gets from being an Avon Justine Business Leader, she says that she is paid extremely well, especially considering it is her part-time job. “The salary I earn in my part-time job is the equivalent to what many people earn while working on a full-time basis,” she says.

This beauty business success has Nomsa considering whether she should focus wholly on her career with Avon Justine. “Over the months, I have managed to gradually increase my earnings by ensuring that I reach my monthly target of recruiting and activating consultants. If I continue on this path, I could definitely see myself becoming a full-time beauty Business Leader.”

In the next five years, Nomsa sees herself becoming a successful beauty entrepreneur with over 100 consultants who are able to run the business with little supervision from her. She highly recommends becoming an Avon Justine beauty entrepreneur because of the high potential to grow in the business, while making extra money to pay off debt or save towards a dream holiday.