Hospice’s hope becomes a reality


New state-of-the-art hospice hopes for partnerships.

Alex residents were urged to love and care for their terminally ill relatives in order to prolong their lives and in keeping with the principle of Ubuntu.

This was said by the manager of  Alexandra Hospice and Rehabilitation Centre, Grace Marutlulle in an attempt to discourage the increasing number of patients on the waiting list for admission to the already overcrowded centre. This as she anticipates the commencement of the construction of the centre’s new R43 million state-of-the-art facility in East Bank. It has been after years of exasperation, of hope and eventual reality coming true when the Joburg City Council through the Joburg Development Agency approved the grant for the facility.

The centre currently occupies old and costly to maintain school infrastructure that takes in a maximum of 30 patients compared to 50 anticipated at the new place who will also be supported with improved professional services and personnel. Marutlulle said the development was a god-sent gift to the township, especially, the staff and volunteers who struggled with meagre resources to sustain a service that is sorely needed by the terminally ill and poor brought in by relatives who are unable to care for them.

“Most of them are brought in when their condition worsens after they default in taking medication without food due to poverty,” Marutlulle said.

She implored relatives to do their best and share the little they have or get disability grants to help the centre reserve the limited beds for those seen to be facing imminent death. “It will ease our burden of juggling between terminally ill but still better patients against the chronically ill and in dire distress.”