Honour ultimatum on boys’ removal from women’s hostel – Councillor


    Councillor reminds women’s hostel residents to get boy children out.

    This according to councillor Ambe Maseko of Ward 107 who also resides at the dilapidated hostel whose woes have featured numerous times in Alex News. In the paper’s articles, Boys spy on hostel women of February 2018, Maseko decries the illegal presence of the boys said to scale into the ceiling to peep on women while they use bathrooms and toilets.

    “I called a well-attended meeting in January where a decision was taken in the presence of the Community Police Forum members for involved parents to remove their boy children from the female residences by mid-March,” Maseko said.

    She added that the boys were left in the rooms by either, their domestic worker mothers who spent weekdays at their workplaces or, those who stayed elsewhere for reasons best known to themselves. “This gives the rude boys and some who are already men, the freedom to do as they please, bring in girls who they sleep with, play loud music throughout the night, intimidate residents in corridors, some of which have no lights and also threatened those leaving for work very early morning.”

    She claimed that the parents brought in the boys as a strategy for them to be allocated houses like others who were allocated homes elsewhere years ago.

    The meeting was also held after an elderly hostel resident was killed in her room during the festive season and reported in Alex News. Maseko said the police are still investigating the incident.