High risk of rotational stage one load-shedding, Eskom says it will be implemented if absolutely necessary


    Eskom has warned of a possibility of stage one load-shedding as the power system remains vulnerable.

    The state utility said the system remains tight and vulnerable and load-shedding will be only implemented if it is absolutely necessary.

    Residents have been advised to continue to use electricity wisely, geysers and non-essential lighting should be turned off.

    The power system has remained vulnerable since Eskom returned with rotational load shedding from 11 February at one stage parts of the country were hit with stage four load shedding. They have blamed it on poor infrastructure, running of coal reserves, not receiving enough it and a dwindling budget.

    Eskom has also advised residents to continue checking load-shedding schedules on the Eskom website or contact the customer call centre at 086 003 7566.