Since 2013 up to date, NSH Youth Development NPO has had a special opportunity to empower talented and gifted children in various wonderful communities in Jhb North. We are very excited that we have been useful to uplift communities, and we have so far managed to help 1456 children and youth without a bean.

As a small organisation (NSH Youth Development NPO: 221-764) we are appealing to the corporates for donations to help us successfully run our annual Community Events and Arts Classes. We are mainly in need of Technical Support.

Help us to tell our annual remarkable stories, Create Jobs and Empower orphaned kids with Talents in our communities by sponsoring us Video Camera x 2, Laptop x 2, Events Sound, Stage & Lighting, Transport, Laser Printer, Chair x 100, 55CM TV, Table x 6, Tents x 2, R20 000 to compensate Event Volunteers, Radio Adverts, Website on the 3rd April 2021 at Halfway Toyota Honeydew. TV Coverage is already sponsored for the event day.

In order to continue telling these stories, we need your help to cover costs associated with capturing the impact. If you would like to see what we have already done, please visit our Facebook or Instagram Page: Jhb North Pageants or call Nosipho Hashe at 084 956 6427or email

Jhb Brands Expo & Cultural Festival 2021 event is proudly sponsored by Halfway Toyota Honeydew worth R85 000, B2P Funeral Services worth R80 000, TV Coverage is sponsored by a TV Station (prefer not to be mentioned), Township News worth R38 000, Harties Boat Company worth R11 000, NSH Youth Development worth R15 000 services.

Jhb North Pageants & Talent Expo 2021 is proudly sponsored by Boston City Campus, Halfway Toyota Honeydew, B2P Funeral Services, Township News, Harties Boat Company, Browflick Beauty, NSH Youth Development, Game Twisters Arts Studio, La Dolce Vita Guest House in September 2021 at Halfway Toyota Honeydew, exact date will be confirmed soon. We need 15 x Prizes for 15 x 2021 Winners: Miss & Mr Jhb North, Miss Cosmo City, Miss Diepsloot, Miss Honeydew, Miss Kyasands, Miss Itsoseng, Miss Fourways, Miss Northriding, Miss Randburg 2021, Top Dancer, Top Artist, Top DJ, Top Poet, Top Cultural Group of the year 2021. Register Now online for R150, Closing Date : 31 May 2021, No under 18 years youth allowed.

NSH Youth Development is proudly empowered with skills by Boston City Campus, and empowered by Halfway Toyota Honeydew with 4 x Sewing Machine and a Vinyl Cutter, which is why 50 x orphaned children from our most isolated and vulnerable communities benefitted 50 x scholarships at Game Twisters Arts Studio. Every Child is gifted with a talent, but not opportunities. NSH Youth Development would not be able to start Game Twisters arts studio on the 5 April 2021 at Cosmo Junction, if it was not for Halfway Toyota Honeydew generosity of tools sponsorship. This program also created jobs for 25 x unemployed youth in Cosmo City. We need R50 000 to compensate Volunteer Instructors for teaching our community children sewing, dancing, modelling, drawing, singing, fabric painting, acting, soccer, arts and cultural skills. NSH is thanking all proud sponsors above for supporting our communities. We would not do it without you. Thank you again for your kindness.

NSH mission is to empower youth (18 -35 years) to enhance health, end hunger, and overcome hardship. NSH envisions the world in which the most vulnerable people will have the power to uplift themselves out of poverty and to create vital healthy lives for their families and communities now and for the future. Game Twisters Arts Studio mission is to inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, enrich the cultural life, educate children from 5 years to adults and empower artists and audiences, in order to make the Cosmo City and surrounded Public a more conscious and compassionate communities.

Please feel free to donate to NSH Youth Development NPO 221-764, FNB Gold Business Account No: 62862522466, Diepsloot Branch Code: 260510, Reference Brand Name: PBO SARS Tax No: 9903521178.