Green Door Women’s Shelter in Diepsloot needs more space

    Brown Lekekela, who runs the Green Door Women's Shelter Photo: Robyn Kirk

    DIEPSLOOT – Brown Lekekela of the Green Door Women’s Shelter in Diepsloot is appealing to the public to help fund the shelter’s extension so that he can help more abuse victims in need.

    Brown Lekekela wants to provide sanctuary for even more women and children fleeing abuse.

    Lekekela is the founder of the Green Door Women’s Shelter in Diepsloot west, which he runs single-handedly and which provides a safe shelter and support for victims of rape, domestic violence or sexual assault in the informal settlement. Currently, the shelter is run from a single-room structure on Lekekela’s property, but he hopes that, with the help of the public, the shelter can be extended.

    Ideally, the new structure would be two levels in height and have about a dozen bedrooms as well as bathroom facilities for multiple women and children in need of help. Currently, only one or two of those who approach the shelter can be accommodated at the same time, and sometimes they need to share the space with others. If the room is occupied, Lekekela is forced to send people who need his help to shelters outside the informal settlement.

    “We refer more woman to other places of safety that are far from home, friends and school for children and have to start a new life because of the small building that can only accommodate few people and for a short time,” he explained. “We would like to extend our building to accommodate more clients and retain survivors in Diepsloot, where they lived most of their lives, for a longer stay.”

    After approaching a construction company for a quote, Lekekela believes that the extension plans should cost a little over R1.7 million. Anyone who is able to help raise these funds is welcome to contact the shelter directly.

    Green Door is also in need of other donations such as non-perishable food items, second-hand clothing, toiletries and other essentials.

    Details: Brown Lekekela 065 247 3643;


    By Robyn Kirk