Great news,Unshakeable is now available for Purchase


    The author of the book called Unshakable, Masuwa Azwindini Lutendo, a young Man from Diepsloot Ext 7, originally from Limpopo and who is also a BA honours in Criminal Justice graduate. He believes he has discovered his purpose and secrets to wealth. His book is doing very well on the market, Stats are showing that in Only Three weeks of its release there is already Eighty copies sold.

    The prime reason he (Masuwa Azwindini LUtendo) wrote this book was to share insight with regard to financial intelligence and offer the best knowledge and wisdom that assisted ancient people and still do in our generation. He believes that the education it gives cannot be taught at school and no matter how educated you are and how much you earn without being financial literate, financial problems continues to haunt you. The book will actually make one to graduate from working for money and begin to make money work for him/her.

    It is his wish to see African child attaining exuberant prosperity despite parents and for parents being subjected into captivity by their oppressor. Azwindini is the person who can help you infuse awareness into your life so that you can reach your goal and live a purposeful life without compromising your happiness. The book is not about a certain religion but have a touch of God’s word.