Gauteng Transport MEC shuts down six disputed routes


    Gauteng Transport MEC Ismail Vadi has shut down six dispute Soweto routes.

    The MEC wants the routes to be closed following a recent spate of taxi violence. At least three people have been killed and six commuters injured in recent weeks amid a dispute between two rival operators.

    The decision comes into effect from Friday, 15 March

    Passengers are concerned, saying they could face major commuter headaches if routes are shut down.

    Both the Wata and Nanduwe rival taxi associations are claiming rights to four disputed routes.

    While the Transport MEC won’t say who’s at fault here, he is clear about one thing.”We cannot allow a situation … that in the morning 40 shots are fired while people are going to work.

    “They say they are fighting to protest their interests and they say the MEC is not prepared to listen,” said Vadi.