Fuel Price and Toll Fees Increase for SA


South African motorists are in for hefty fuel price increases as well as upward adjustments to toll fees for March 2019.

South African consumers, who are already under considerable financial strain, will have to brace for a double blow in March 2019 as both fuel prices and toll fees are expected to rise sharply.

The price of petrol is predicted to increase by around 73 cents a litre, diesel by 92 cents and illuminating paraffin by 74 cents.

With the increase to fuel levies, which comes into effect in April, the addition of a Carbon Tax on fuel (effective in June), the likely increase to fuel prices in March, and, now, the increase to toll fees across the country, consumers will see their money diminish even more.

While the tolls for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) are increasing in line with inflation, this will be of little solace to consumers who have either not received increases to their wages and salaries or whose increases have either been in line with or lower than that.

The increasing costs associated with road travel in South Africa will make everything more expensive, and will certainly have a direct and indirect impact on consumers. It also makes it harder for job seekers to find work, as few of them have the resources to pay current transport costs, let alone increased fees. This, in particular, is worrying given the country’s high unemployment rate.