From a school burglary in Kyalami to shoplifting in Riversands, here’s what you need to know


    Kyalami school burgled

    A case of burglary at a business was reported on 21 September. A local security company contacted a staff member for a school in the Kyalami area in the early morning to report an incident at the premises. When the staff member arrived at the scene at about 8.30am, he noticed that the fence to the property had been cut. The burglar had also broken the laboratory class windows to gain entry to the room and had taken four desktop speakers and one large base speaker, worth about R5 000 in total.

    A car was broken into outside Midrand church

    A case of theft out of a motor vehicle was reported on 21 September. A man was attending church on Old Pretoria Road while his vehicle, a white Toyota Fortuner, was parked outside. The man was fetching something from his car when he noticed that the right back door’s window had been broken. A purse containing R500, a GPS, and a diabetic testing machine were reported stolen, totaling about R8 000.

    Armed robbery on Livern Road

    A case of armed robbery was reported on 22 September. At about 11 pm a resident was dropped by an Uber at his Livern Road home when he spotted a black BMW without a registration number in the area. Two black men, one of whom was holding a firearm, approached the resident and one of them knocked him to the ground and assaulted him. The men took two cell phones and a wallet from the resident before leaving the scene.

    R2 000 disappears from women’s bank account

    A case of fraud was reported on 22 September. A woman who lives on Nanart Street in Kyalami Hills accessed her banking app at about 8 pm and noticed that a payment for R2 000 had been made from her account to one that she did not recognise. She went to the bank about the issue, but they were unable to trace the payment and recommended that she open a case with the South African Police Service.

    Man pickpocketed at Kyalami concert

    A case of theft was reported on 23 September. The victim was at a concert at an events venue in the Kyalami area when two men approached him. One pretended to be drunk and bumped into the victim, and managed to pickpocket his iPhone from his front jeans pocket, worth about R18 000.

    Shoplifter caught with a bottle of whiskey

    A case of shoplifting was reported on 23 September. A security guard working at a store in the Riversands area at about 12.50pm when two African males exited the store, one of whom was carrying a bottle of Jameson whiskey while the other was carrying half a dozen Heineken beer cans. The guard asked for proof of payment for the alcohol, which the man with the beers could provide but the man with the whiskey could not. The guard called the store’s loss prevention department and the police to report the shoplifting.