Four shacks razed in blaze at extension nine Diepsloot


    Diepsloot- residents at corner Letang and Msakazo Street extension nine had to stay out on the colds Thursday night after their shacks were burnt to ashes. It started just after 18:00pm, No one from the families was there when the fire started and everything they had was burnt in the fire.

    Mr. Vincent Sebula (39) said he was at work when he receive the bad news that his shack was on fire “I have lost everything I had including my ID documents, clothes and food that I had just bought” said the traumatized Vincent, one of the tenants have lost almost R4000 Rands to the flames that he was just paid on Wednesday, “I am not a south African so I did not have an account to put my money so I was waiting for my brother whom we share an account to come and take it on Friday but now it’s gone” saying the devastated tenant

    “I just returned from work and after few minutes of being at home I heard neighbors shouting fire, fire outside and when got out the blaze was too much to handle, we tried using water to control it but it got worse as there were paraffin in some of the shacks as we did not have electricity for the past three days” said Osborn the landlord who had to stay out from work to help his tenants

    No one is sure what caused the fire as those who saw the fire say they were on the street when they saw flames from the shack which was close to the fence and they suspect illegal electric connection might be the cause.

    The extension nine community police forum spokesperson Mr. Mudau said “is common here for this to happen as is winter and people want to stay warm but happen to lose everything due to paraffin stoves and unattended fire in their shacks, but we will get disaster management to come and help them with at least food and blankets, and we happy that no injuries or death was reported”

    He pleaded with Diepsloot residents to come and help with the least they have and they can bring them to their ext. nine offices next to the coca cola depot or contact: 063 6456 903 or 078 5159 871

    Winny shokane