Foley appeals to community to stop littering of masks and gloves

    Ward 94 councillor David Foley. Photo: Supplied

    FOURWAYS – Ward 94 councillor David Foley said that the littering of masks and gloves in the ward has been a problem.

    Ward 94 councillor David Foley reports that his ward has shown respect for the lockdown rules so far and have tried their best to curb the Covid-19 spread, however, littering of masks and gloves have been a problem.

    Foley said, “I can clearly be seen in the shopping centres, on the streets during exercise, everyone is cognisant of social distancing in relation to the imminent threat of Covid-19 to their own health.”

    He added, “Working, schooling etc from home and spending quality time with family has really formed new bonds between people and the making of puzzles, card games, minor home improvements have been the order of the day since 27 March. People that never used a weed eater or a lawnmower or ever touched an iron for the washing are now well equipped with new skill sets, maybe not experts but capable.

    “It certainly took getting used to but now with the relaxing of the levels let’s not think all is back to normal, the new normal is still staying at home unless you are part of essential services and, of course, to conduct the allowed business under Level 3.”

    He said that on his walks, picking up litter in the ward, he has noticed that gloves and mask have been the new deposits on the ground. “I find this very disturbing as those items could be infected the most. Another favourite is used tissues, all three of these items are the carriers and we don’t exactly know how long the virus lives on them.”

    He appealed to the public first to not litter at all, but to also properly deposit gloves, tissues and masks in the nearest bins as it places others at risk. He concluded that resident should visit the official Department of Health website for Covid-19 information or call the presidential Covid-19 hotline at 17737 for any assistance. Details: Ward 94 councillor David Foley 082 902 5003.

    By: Andrei van Wyk