Five sets of twins earn big results at Brescia House


Five sets of twins matriculated from Brescia’s School, all obtaining fantastic matric results.

The Brescia House School matric group had no fewer than five sets of twins in 2018. This, in itself, is quite a feat.

The girls, each unique with her own individual personality, quirks, and talents, shared a close bond not only with their sisters but also with their grade as a whole. All five sets of twins received their Academic Full Colours in Grade 11, and all were re-awarded their Academic Full Colours in Grade 12.

The first set of twins, Mokgethwa and Mokgethi Mkalipe started at Brescia House School in Grade 8. Thwa and I are fraternal twins. Not only do we not look the same but we also have different interests,” said Mokgethi, who was also elected Head Girl of Brescia House School in 2018. “People always assume that twins are very competitive but Thwa and I are the complete opposite. My mom always emphasizes that our ‘c’ word in the house is not competing with each other but complimenting each other.”

Her sister agrees wholeheartedly. “Having my twin sister with me throughout my schooling has been extremely advantageous for me as I have always had a piece of home with me wherever I went. I always had someone to fall back on. Being a twin also allows me to go through life with someone that is going through similar challenges as me,’ said Mokethwa.

Aimee and Nicola Wheeler (identical twins) also started at Brescia House School in their Grade 8 year and apart from their academic prowess, the girls were both top sportswomen, each of them achieving Full Colours in swimming and Half Colours for athletics.

Aimee said, “The team spirit at the school is just incredible, bus rides to matches were always fun with the entire team singing along.”

Nicola also recounted the school’s outreach programmes and completing the Odyssey in Grade 10 with her sister. The Odyssey is a 400km hiking/cycling/canoeing adventure in the Garden Route which takes place during the April holidays. It takes about 20 days to complete and the participants are off the grid for the duration of this expedition. The Brescia girls often comment on how this adventure has been a defining moment in their adolescent journeys.

Alexandra and Jessica Amsinck (fraternal), Caryn and Julia Bishop (identical), and Alexandra and Nicole Cromme (fraternal) have all been together at Brescia since their Grade R year in 2000. Both the Bishop girls agreed that their favorite part of their schooling career was the special friendships they were able to form, as well as their Grade 11 leadership camp.

Caryn and Julia will both be attending Stellenbosch University to embark on a Bachelor of Accounting degree. Jessica and Alexandra Amsinck have described their new world after school as ‘an empty canvas’, with both girls looking forward to traveling and possibly studying overseas.

The Cromme girls are looking to the University of Pretoria where they are hoping to study a BSc Physiotherapy – with both twins hoping to specialize in pediatrics.

“We have made so many incredible memories as a grade, you truly get the feeling that we are one big family,” said Alex.

“Letting our hair down during ‘silly week’ was definitely a highlight,” added Nicole.

Sisterhood is part of at Brescia House School’s ethos – it is the foundation of who they are: A family of sisters.

Brescia’s five sets of twins obtained the following results:

• Caryn Bishop – 8 distinctions

• Julia Bishop – 8 distinctions

• Mokgethi Mkalipe – 6 distinctions

• Mokgethwa Mkalipe – 8 distinctions

• Alexandra Cromme – 5 distinctions

• Nicole Cromme – 6 distinctions

• Aimee Wheeler – 5 distinctions

• Nicola Wheeler – 4 distinctions

• Alexandra Amsinck – 2 distinctions

• Jessica Amsinck – 4 distinctions.