Finance Assistance Available for Informal Traders


Are you an informal trader looking for assistance to apply for assistance from the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) financial support program for fruit and vegetable and bakeries?
We at Realtimebusiness Development Services have been appointed by SEDA in Gauteng to assist informal traders for fruit and vegetables and bakeries and confectionary to apply for the Department of Small Business financial support program.

Our support will include ensuring the business is registered with CIPC, registering the business on SMMESA and E-services Portal and finally assisting with the application for financial support with DSBD on the e-services portal.

This service will be at no cost to the informal business as SEDA will cover the cost. If interested contact us with your name and number below and we will call you back.
📞 (012) 304 0873 (office number
📱 (078) 322 5811 (SMS and WhatsApp)
Leeroy Khumalo
Magret Marowa