Fight poverty with lollipops


    Buying a lollipop to help feed, educate and support pre-school children in informal settlements throughout the country.

    Going the extra mile to help those in need saw Life Fourways Hospital support Poverty Sucks campaign and present was Mrs. Mzantzi Africa 2018 winner, Jaci Tibbit.

    “A big thank you to Jane Lamprey and Life Fourways Hospital for being a part of this wonderful initiative. The Life Fourways Hospital purchased 300 lollipops for their staff. The lollipops sell for only R10 and they are very yummy,” Tibbit said.

    Tibbit explained that Lollipops for Charity, which is a non-profit organization, is a campaign that creates awareness and support for the plight of those living in impoverished circumstances.

    “One of the fundamental methods of combating poverty is through feeding, education, and empowerment,” she said.

    “Poverty does ‘suck’ as it leads to hopelessness which often results in alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, and even crime. Every life improved will have a positive domino effect on the next generation.”

    The organization feeds, educates and supports pre-school children in informal settlements throughout the country.

    “I believe poverty is not necessarily an issue to solve, it is an opportunity to serve.

    She concluded, “Next year we will be doing a Poverty Sucks Day on 31 May which we are hoping to get all schools and companies involved to make a difference in our communities.”