Female pastor blames victims for Gender-Based Violence


When the mayor of Nongoma in KwaZulu-Natal invited Fikile Ndaba, a well-respected pastor, to speak at a prayer rally to combat gender-based violence (GBV), the last thing he expected was for her to blame female victims of abuse.

But this is exactly what she did.

Pastor Ndaba of the God’s Mountain Ministry shocked the crowd of over 3,000 people when she lashed out against women for allowing themselves to become the victims of abuse.

“We have a problem with our young women. They don’t want to listen. You find them getting in and out of our homes looking for our sons,” said Ndaba.

“They fail to listen when they are warned and still date dangerous men. Then when bad things happen they cry and forget that they were warned.”

Ndaba also complained about young women who date multiple partners.

“This is a source of GBV,” she said, adding that she was a straight talker.

“Please forgive me. I tell things as they are,” she shrugged. 

Nongoma is one of the worst-afflicted areas of GBV in the country, and in recent months it has seen a sharp rise in cases of rape and murder.

Local leaders, such as Mayor Albert Mncwango, organized the rally to highlight the issue, and to pray for the victims of abuse.

Many of those who attended were the survivors of abuse, and one would be hard-pressed to find someone in attendance who had not been impacted by it.

Mncwango, who also spoke at the rally, said the situation is out of hand.  

“Divine Intervention is seriously needed. We urge all men to come forward and help to fight this scourge,” he said. 

When asked about Ndaba’s controversial comments, Mncwango acknowledged them but was careful not to reveal his thoughts.

“We note what she said. As leaders, we are concerned about the murder of women in our area. No woman deserves to be killed as it is happening in this area,” he said.

The LifeLine Organisation which fights GBV, however, has expressed shock about Ndaba’s speech. 

LifeLine Director, Sinikiwe Biyela said that church leaders are the ones who should be blamed for GBV. 

“Women are facing such brutality because they are being forced by church leaders to stay in abusive relationships,” said Biyela.

Story by: Celani Sikhakhane


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