Families left traumatized after a gas explosion at Rivonia shopping centre at Sandton


    Rivonia: 8 injured and 2 airlifted after a gas explosion at Rivonia Boulevard

    30th November afternoon a structural fire ravaged building on Rivonia Boulevard, close to 9th avenue

    The media liaison for Johannesburg emergency management service Nana Radebe, confirmed nine shops were impacted by the blaze and also confirmed eight people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals with two critically injured who suffered smoke and serious burn airlifted to Milpark hospital.

    It’s reported that the fire started at Istanbul Chinese restaurant after a gas explosion that had faulty connections.

    The families of the injured victims said that they are still traumatized after what happened, “I don’t know that to say about what happened because some of the people injured there are breadwinners providing for our families, I felt so shattered when I was called at around 5pm on Saturday that my son has been airlifted to hospital after he suffered burns at work, seeing him lying on a hospital bed left me in pieces with so much agony as we are already in a Christmas months where we should be celebrating and going back to Zimbabwe but to check on his child, now I don’t know how am I going to take care of this family and buy school uniform for his child as he is my only son, said one of the parents of the victims”

    The Rivonia shopping centre management urged restaurants owners to make sure that their stuff are well trained on how to use hazardous material as this can cause death and damage of properties.