Expert: No need to panic about Vaal Dam levels


    JOHANNESBURG – Dry and hot weather conditions have left the Vaal Dam in Gauteng half full.

    Rand Water is urging residents to use water sparingly but says consumption is currently at its highest levels.Experts say, however, that low water levels are no reason to panic.

    According to Dr Ronnie McKenzie of WRP Engineers, it’s very important not just to look at the Vaal Dam in isolation, you need to look at the dams in the Vaal system as a whole.

    “I don’t think its time to panic yet, I think its always good to save water and accept that in the Winter grass is allowed to turn yellow. At this time of the year, we typically do get some heatwaves before the first rains of the summer.”

    McKenzie adds that it is premature to compare Gauteng Day Zero to the one Cape Town experienced.”We do have long droughts. The government is operating one of the most complicated and integrated systems in the world which is not an easy task.”