Eskom implements Stage 3 rotational load-shedding

Still unsure of how to check the load-shedding schedule? No stress: Check out all of the details here …

At 8 am this morning, 12 February, power entity Eskom implemented Stage 3 rotational load-shedding. 

Eskom said in the first power alert of the day that it was anticipated that Stage 3 would continue until 11 pm this evening.

This comes after Stage 4 load-shedding was implemented until 10 pm last night. Traffic in Joburg’s northern suburbs was heavily affected until late yesterday evening, especially on many of the major routes.

Eskom warned residents to treat all electrical points as live during load-shedding.

Meanwhile, City Power took to Twitter to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the power outages, saying “City Power would like to apologise to the residents for the inconvenience this is causing.#Loadshedding is used as the last resort to avoid system total breakdown.”