Epic inventors to host ‘Hustlers’ pitching session in Alexandra


ICT company call upon young aspiring entrepreneurs and mobile app developers to attend a pitching session.

A locally based information and communication technology (ICT) company has invited young entrepreneurs from Alexandra with mobile application development ideas to the first-ever Kasi business pitching session.

Epic Inventors is a 100 per cent female black-owned entity with a team of experts specialising in building interactive designs, implementing strategies and developing distinctive applications that provide a technological solution to businesses.

On Saturday, 2 March, the company will host a pitching session in which young people will be given a chance to pitch their mobile application ideas. Individuals with good and feasible ideas will be ‘incubated’ by the company until their ideas reach a commercialisation stage.

The pitching session will be held at 57 4th Avenue, Marlboro, Club Neh from 8 am to 5 pm.

Interested individuals and entrepreneurs can book their space at www.epicinvetors.co.za or call 011 025 9302.