Don’t be foolish with electricity


    JOHANNESBURG – Many South Africans underestimate the danger of illegal connections, exposed cables and low-hanging powerlines.

    To raise awareness about electricity safety, Eskom has a new social media campaign to keep South Africans safe and is calling on all to #SkaBaiza (don’t be foolish).

    The Ama Baiza-Baiza are on standby to help in the fight against a danger which is too often overlooked – electricity. Yes, it brings light, but it can also cause harm if not treated with respect.

    In 2017/2018, 111 fatalities and 156 injuries were reported due to unsafe contact with electricity. Many South Africans underestimate the danger of illegal connections, exposed cables, and low-hanging powerlines and they tend to neglect to fix or reported it. This is the scourge the Ama Baiza-Baiza electricity gang are out to fight.

    Meet the Ama Baiza-Baiza:

    • Replace damaged cords in the household or use insulation tape to cover exposed wires otherwise, you will meet The Cord Busta.

    • Wait your turn for Eskom to connect your electricity legally or have an extended visit from Illegal Connecta.

    • Report vandalised Eskom property or let Vandalisto wreak havoc with your neighbourhood’s power supply.

    • Do not plug too many appliances into a wall plug at the same time. This should keep Mr Plugs away.

    • Do not touch exposed wires, keep electrical appliances away from water and report low-hanging powerlines. Do all this to prevent The Shockster from having his thrill.


    Keep a lookout for more tips to stay safe on Eskom’s Facebook page: @EskomSouthAfrica and Eskom’s Twitter feed: @Eskom_SA .