Donation helps essential workers in Midrand

    Metro police are ready for their night shift during the lockdown. Photo: Annette Deppe

    MIDRAND – Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe and Desiree Schutte from the Midrand Child and Family Care Association donated gloves and sanitisers to the police.

    Ward 132 Councillor Annette Deppe made a special donation to the Johannesburg Metro Police Department and South African Police Service during the coronavirus lockdown.

    Deppe said, “In these uncertain times we need to support our front liners in the war against Covid-19 virus.”

    She partnered up with Desiree Schutte from the Midrand Child and Family Care Association to purchase and donate two boxes of gloves and two 500ml bottles of hand sanitiser to the police and Metro police for their night shift duties.

    Deppe explained, “I was so glad I could help our frontliners, as many people have complained about them not being prepared at roadblocks and stop-and-searches.

    “The police, Metro police and emergency management services have received a consignment from their management but it is never enough and they are so important to our safety in our wards and in our country.

    “These emergency staff frontliners, as I said, do all the work and leave their families at home everyday to protect us. They also need to understand that social distancing is not just important to us but to them as well.”

    Deppe and Schutte also received assistance from hygiene company Taste Afrika, who donated one box of gloves and 70 bottles of sanitiser. They welcome companies who would like to donate goods to help the police, Metro police and emergency services.

    Those who would like to donate can contact Annette Deppe on 082 886 8510 or Desiree Schutte on 082 781 2301.’

    By: Andrei van Wyk