Hirsch’s Struben’s Valley recently held their monthly Domestic Training
Workshop with the Training Manager for Defy Noxy Mavuso, demonstrating
the Defy Steam Station.

Noxy explained the advantages of using the  Station saying that it works
as both an iron and a steam station.  “It allows you to iron your
clothes without the worry of burning them, thanks to the ceramic sole
plate. The Steam Station comes with two cartridges that ensure that limescale
is eliminated from the water, which in turn ensures a longer
lifespan of the appliance.

It has a 1-liter removable tank and also
allows you to steam vertically, so you can steam your curtains and
garments while they hang.  The base of the steam station also has a hook
and loop system which allows you to hook the cable for easy and neat
storage.” She said.  She concluded by explaining the difference between
front loader washing machines and top loaders and the various functions
each appliance offers.

Grace Singo received the excellence award for Domestic Worker of the month and the ladies each received an attendance certificate for
participating in the workshop.