Monday September the 17th a resident made people to pay money for a job placement and fled with their money after everyone has paid. The victims from Ext. 1 informal settlement says that the suspect Mondie Prince Sibanda (30) approached a group of ladies Saturday evening and promised them a job at a warehouse where he is a manager and told them to pay R250 each for uniform that was only bought by the management from the factory.

    It was reported that the victims were ten in number but only nine managed to pay the money on Sunday evening hoping to go to work Monday morning.  Sibanda promised the ladies that upon getting this job, they will be earning R1 700 per week from the Jetpark warehouse. The suspect made them wait for him at the Diepsloot mall for about four hours to be taken to their new place of work by 8:00am, but when they called at around 11:45am his phone rang unanswered and went off at around 15:30pm.

    According to the victims, there seems to have been others who were also robbed by Mr. Sibanda. Monday evening the victims managed to get hold of his family where they went to meet them at Ext. 11, his brother agreed to the allegations and promised to make means to repay back the money.  It is said that the suspect stays at Springs Tsakane. Apparently Mondie also robbed his family an amount of R620 which they saved to pay rent and from that day he was nowhere to be found.

    Residents please be alerted about this kind of job scams as it targets unemployed people as they knows that every person can fall for that kind of money even if is not about being desperate for employment. You can report this fraud on our South African police help line 08600 10111.