DIEPSLOOT: A 17 years old author Itumeleng Lebese who is a grade 11 student at KwenaMolapo high school has published her first book titled “TROUBLE IN DIEPSLOOT”.

    Itumeleng who hails from Polokwane in Limpopo, said the message behind her novel was to unfold the untold stories of the troubled diepsloot, our township always have a story to tell and crime happening every hour, people’s lives taken away and this stories need to be told.

    “Trouble in diepsloot” is my first book, I am a new author who is still dipping my feet in any stream closest to me, the title of my book comes from fact that it lays bare diepsloot issues and reveals deep problems to the core. When I first set down to write this book I only thought of the future generation of our troubled diepsloot, where we already have young leaders who grew to be gangsters, people always think this kind of children grew in an abusive house hold but I saw it in a different way, that they adopted this kind of life style from the society they grew in, so this book brings this kind of lifestyle to the forefront.

    Itumeleng who is also a poet said she began writing her novel in March this year, especially about the marginalized residents of diepsloot who are mired to untold stories and do not have a voice to speak up. “I am drawn to writing stories about life in general because I want our voices to be heard, my writing is about what we experience about life in our society, being from Limpopo did not stop me from the thinking big about diepsloot; when I got here I was still young but growing in a community where crime happen in our eyes groomed me to lay my eyes in every aspect of life”.

    Itumeleng want to see herself as the national bestselling author coming from diepsloot, she is driven by passion and encourage youth of diepsloot to get out of their comfort zone and make their talent count.

    By Winny Shokane