Diepsloot Learners use AI & Robotics to solve Community problems


    The AI & Robotics for the Future programme works with learners to highlight traits that make us uniquely human such as empathy, creativity, and critical thinking, while learners enjoy hands-on experiences that highlight how we can work together with technology and AI to create a better world. Diepsloot learners use Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to solve community problems.

    STE(A)M educational specialist, I-innovate has brought another 21st Century learning programme to South Africa to open up opportunities in our under-served school communities for learners to develop the talents and skills that are critical in this Digital Age. This term, Grade 9 students from Diepsloot Combined School are diving into fascinating Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts; learning how to create and use AI to problem-solve and innovate in their own lives and communities.

    The AI & Robotics for the Future learning experience engages Diepsloot learners and educators in exploring advanced AI technologies such as automation, machine learning, pattern recognition and neural networks through a series of hands-on, innovation sessions. Learners are introduced to coding and robotics for the first time and will discover how to use these technologies for creative problem-solving. “We’re delighted to drive this empowering, innovative tech…