Dealing with the anxiety of testing for Covid


With the spread of COVID19 increasing across South Africa, so more people are going for tests, people are having to wait for test results, and then more people testing positive for COVID19. This whole process can be very stressful and cause anxiety.

Whether you are waiting for symptoms to worsen so you can go for a test, whether you are bracing yourself for that physical COVID19 test, or anxiously waiting for the test results to come through – test anxiety is very stressful. And for those who do test positive, stressing about what next and how you are going to tell those around you.

To help you deal with these stress and anxiety around all the different aspects involved in testing for COVID19 before, during and after.

SADAG will be hosting a FREE online Facebook Friday Q&A from 1pm – 2pm, Friday 24th of July, on SADAG’s Facebook page with Psychiatry registrar, Dr Thejini Naidoo and Psychiatrist, Dr Kalpesh Narsi, who will be answering all your questions about Anxiety and Covid-19 testing, as well as sharing helpful tips for you or a loved one to manage with anxiety and stress during COVID19.

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If you’d like to ask your questions anonymously, email them to and we’ll post it on your behalf. Then, just watch the chat for answers.

For more resources, online videos, breathing techniques, self help tips and helpful apps – please visit SADAG’s website with tips, tools and resources to help you or a loved one manage anxiety, panic and stress.

SADAG provides FREE telephonic counselling, support, information and nationwide referrals to Support Groups, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Clinics and more. To speak to a counselor call 0800 21 22 23 or SMS 31393 (7 days a week, 365 days a year).

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