Deadly mob justice should end-Alex


    ALEXANDRA – Inflammatory messaging, conduct should stop for safety sake.

    The Alexandra Police Station called for restraints in the community against incidents of mob justice which result in the burning to death of alleged criminals.

    Police spokesperson Captain Stephen Malatji said, “Despite crime being vile it should be stopped through legal means and by the police supported by the residents. The plea also comes in the wake of social media circulating of faces of young men next to a message titled # No1 Enemy of Alex.

    “It’s understandable for residents to worry about any crime wave but it’s not correct to take the law into their own hands in reprisal. “Tit for tat is no solution but will perpetrate violent reprisal. Posting the identities of alleged criminals is dangerous, inflammatory and provokes personal anger and vendettas based on untested allegations.”

    He warned that the messages could be prompted by unknown tiffs between two or so people, those who have been identified are now living at risk. He urged residents to report those allegedly involved in crime to the police and present evidence or witnesses to verify the claims.

    He also urged residents to cease the messaging which could also target and endanger them. “We don’t know all our enemies and should be responsible and accountable in our actions to stop the stoning and burning to death of each other.”

    Source: Alex News