Dainfern College’s new Grade 12 leadership teams for 2018/2019 inducted


    These are the new Grade 12 leadership teams for Dainfern College.

    The new Grade 12 leadership teams for 2018/2019 were recently inducted by the Dainfern College principal, Matthew Davies.

    The occasion was attended by the school’s staff, learners’ parents and their peers.

    The school expressed excitement and delight to all who have taken up portfolios on the leadership programme:

    • Heads of school: Pumelele Vabaza and Feranmi Oluwadairo

    • Deputy heads of school: Courtney Baker and Sahil Bramdhaw

    • Heads of Griffin: Viennie Ledwaba and Michael Swart

    • Deputy head of Griffin: Patrick Casserly

    • Heads of Kraken: Rachel Calaz and Miles Taylor

    • Deputy head of Kraken: Jodi Dovale

    • Heads of Phoenix: Caryn Love and Matthew Gillard

    • Deputy head of Phoenix: Natasha Ruiter

    • SRC chairperson: Babalwa Vabaza

    • Co-heads of Academic Affairs: Ewodwa Magqaza and Christopher Flood

    • Head of conduct: Sami Etsimaje

    • Head of connect: Thando Dludla

    • Head of Culture – Dance and Drama: Chiara Watson

    • Head of culture – Music: Joel Riffel

    • Co-heads of diversity: Thoriso Lamola and Amina Shabalala

    • Head of matric affairs: Jay Kim

    • Head of the mentorship: Chloe Proxenos

    • Head of outreach: Amber Oelschig

    • Head of photography: Nicholas Munro

    • Head of public relations: Alexandra Forbes

    • Head of the round square: Meg Blyth

    • Co-heads of spirit: Hannah Shnier and Moloko Ramosibudi

    • Head of sports – Boys: Julian Muller

    • Head of sports – Girls: Skye van Niekerk

    • Head of visual culture: Vuyeleni Mukansi.

    The school’s management wished the student leaders a successful term in office and looks forward to what 2019 will bring.