Crime Awareness Campaign in Diepsloot


    On Friday the 07 June 2019, Diepsloot Police in conjunction with Community patrollers embarked on a campaign to sensitize the Community about robberies in and around Bambanani Mall, in extension 09. Community members were urged to be alert and conscious of their surroundings when using ATMs. They were encouraged to desist from asking help from strangers when they encounter problems. The community was further advised not to use ATMs which have been tampered with or that display a black screen.

    Motorists at the parking lot were advised to always ensure that their vehicles are properly locked by physically checking door handles. Motorists were also urged never to leave their valuables lying around where criminals can easily spot them.

    Pamphlets with safety tips at ATMs, as well as tips to minimize theft out of motor vehicle crime were distributed to community members.

    Compiled by Captain Tinyiko Mathebula