#CrateChallenge: An Undeniably South African Invention


What do the Tiffany and Cullinan diamonds, the vuvuzela, and the heady global craze that is the crate challenge have in common? South Africa! Yes, all these iconic global cultural contributions originate in the beautiful sun-kissed land between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastlines and the majestic Limpopo River. 

Whatever your opinion about the #cratechallenge might be, it is a proudly South African invention born out of the matchless life experiences found here only. “As far back as 2016, we already had this thing locked down” proclaimed Zamokuhle Ntlali or ‘Big Zee’ as he is known on the streets of Katlehong K1, a peri-urban mecca of contemporary hit singles that have continued to dominate Mzansi’s popular music scene for the past decade.

Big Zee was quick to prove his sentiments by referencing a music video published on YouTube of the aptly named ‘Crate’ single by legendary gritty hit-making duo #TLTAmazing: 

Big Zee passionately explained how fantastic it is to finally see an original Kasi phenomenon trending worldwide as he fondly recalls how the crate challenge craze swept through K1 in 2016, “to have our brothers and sisters all over the world genuinely acknowledging the honestly magical originality of #TLTAmazing’s Crate is a truly incredible affirmation of how truly influential South African artistry has come, well done TLT,” he reflected.  

 The crate challenge, with a controversial and dangerous twist, resurfaced on the internet as a ‘game’ under the slogan Hood Olympics in America which took the social media world by storm. 

Contrary to the safe manner in which the challenge was executed in Mzansi (as seen in the TLTAmazing music video), Americans took it up a notch by creating a scary and yet fun-to-watch presentation of their version of the Crate Challenge. 

“Without snubbing the glory from the American creators, the South African Music Awards (SAMA) Hip Hop nominee group from the East Rand of Johannesburg are probably chuffed to see their art reaching the globe although almost five years later,” Big Zee concluded.


Story supplied by Dumani Moyo. Photos credits to Dumani Moyo,

Reporting for TownshipNews.